A medical home is a concept of facilitating the bedridden patient with medical facilities along with the home like services.
The Medical Home is not an old age home; it is more than just taking care of the elderly patient. Helping Hand Charitable Trust was established in 2009 in Pardi to provide medical facilities to the bedridden elderly people in a home-like environment. Helping Hand Charitable trust has a team of 24X7 help providers to care the patients and to fulfil the primary needs.
The services provided in this Medical Home includes
1. Personal Care
2. Daily Needs
3. Rehabilitation
4. Medical Care
5. Recreational
6. Counselling
The regular medical camp is being organised to benefits elderly patients not only for Medical home but is also open to the local people.

1. Free Medical Health Check Up:
Every month free medical check camp is being organised by Helping Hand Charitable Trust. Facilities like Sugar test, ECG and general health check-up is done. Free medicine is also been given to the people in need. So far we have served more than 2000 patients in this free medical camp. The registered patients are provided with Photo Medical Id card with which they can avail discounts at Hospital, Laboratory and Medical store. This camp is organised every 1st Sunday of the month

2. Dialysis Centre:
For the first time in Pardi, Dialysis centre was started with the help of Mehta Hospital and Lions Club of Pardi green City. Many patients from this region have taken the advantage of dialysis at low cost.
Presently we have served nearly 136 elderly patients since 2009.

Anyone who is interested to visit the medical Home is welcome here. Visit our facebook page for updates on Medical Camp and other activities.

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