Know About Us

Helping Hands Are Better Than Whispering Prayers...

Helping Hand Charitable Trust was formed in 2009 with sole objective of caring elderly bedridden senior citizens in homely environment with hospital like facility. Helping Hand Charitable Trust will also promote vocational training like GDA course (certified course for ward boys and Aayas) and thereby create job opportunities for rural aspirants. Helping Hand Charitable Trust is undertaking free medical camp for senior citizens once in a month with the help of facilitators. It issues medical ID cards with their medical history and medications. This entitles them for discount in tied up Hospitals, Diagnostic centers and chemists etc in Pardi and Valsad. It also gives free medicines to poor senior citizens.


Our Vision

To make positive and rewarding life experience to elderly and disabled persons by adding life to their years rather than just adding years to their lives.

Our Mission

To extend helping hand that steadies and relieve the stress of everyday life and bring cheers to all




A"Medical Home" is defined as an approach to providing comprehensive primary care that facilitates partnerships between individual patients and their personal caretakers and treating physicians. Medical home facilitates better access to healthcare and ensures more living comforts to Patients and gives much desired satisfaction to their family. It literally means a hospital like facility in a home like environment.


Valuable Testimonial

Giving medical service to the seiner people is a noble cause .I love the initiative taken by Dr. Praful Y. Mehta and Other managing committee